Our fish depending of the catch of the day



Precedence to taste and freshness.
For you Le Cabanon de l'écailler selects the best of the sea according to the catch of the day and wild fish above all:

- Line-caught seabass from Mediterranean
- Royal sea bream
- Wild turbot
- Swordfish
- Saint Pierre
- Sole
- Monkfish
- Cod
- Red mullet
- Tuna from Meditarranean

But also :

- Organic salmon, fresh salmon (farmed only in order to prevent from all health risks).

Our fish is whole or undercut and prepared as you like.


Our quality assurance

Health approval:
Issued by the veterinary services once a year with regular control.

Traceability required on our labels: fishing place and the quote "wild-caught or farm-raised fish".

Your order the day before delivery:
In order to guarantee the availability of your choice we recommend to order your fish one day earlier before 10:30.


We need to eat some twice a week at least.

Fish is rich in proteins, iron, minerals, vitamins, fatty acids Omega 3.

Guarantee of tonus, good shape and prevention.

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