Oysters with character



Because one oyster cannot please everybody each of ours has its own personality.

The oysters of Le Cabanon de l'écailler

The fine Le Cabanon : our "fine de claire", rather "lean" and very smooth.
The special Le Cabanon : plump and firm with an exquisite taste close to hazelnut.

The special Gillardeau: famous and tasty.

The Special Prat ar coum of Y. Madec: exceedingly iodized. It attracts more and more followers.

The oyster from Bouzigues: The gem of Mediterranean sea. Oyster with character, very fresh and very iodized.

And others depending on the season…


Small or big ?
No. 4 is small
No.3 is medium
No. 2 is big

Oysters of Le Cabanon de l'Ecailler
- Traceability
- Quality
- Unique taste

Duo PRELUDE  platter: oysters, shellfish and crustaceans
(see its composition)


Health and Love

Pearl of energy and lightness and even love potion, the benefits of oysters on health are proved : low cholesterol content, high in vitamins, minerals, iron, magnesium, potassium but also zinc and iodine.
Judge for yourself its aphrodisiac reputation. For Casanova the oyster was "a thorn of spirit and love"; the Emperor Vitellus was eating up to twelve hundreds oysters a day !

"If you don't love life, you can not enjoy oyster."
Eleanor Clark

"The evening oyster closes up on the pearl of the sun."
Sylvain Tesson

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